Journey Revealed by Damian Bertrand

Hypnosis is an extremely fascinating topic. Getting more recognition today than ever before. It’s a field that is ever growing and through that growth, we are learning about its uses, and I dare say about the human mind’s capabilities.

Most of this book is derived from Damian’s 13 years of experience as a hypnotherapist. His travels as a stage hypnotist, his work on a clinical level helping people overcome ailments, fears, and phobias, and his growing interest in the world of past life regression. Throughout the pages you will find anecdotes of humor, fact, and questions that he's still looking to answer.

A note from Damian Bertrand

For the skeptics, I say thank you. You help us push harder to make this science better. I also ask you to keep an open mind. Believe me, there were many things I was skeptical about when I started too. But look at where it’s at today; People are having surgeries or are giving birth with no chemical anesthesia while hypnotized. Can you imagine that? They feel absolutely no pain throughout the process. Others are quitting smoking or going to the dentist with ease. Some lose weight, gain self esteem, or overcome the fear of flying so that they may get on a plane and see loved ones across the country.

By using words in a specific way, at a specific rhythm, and the focus of transferring my energy to a client, I have helped countless people achieve specific outcomes. Dive into this book, enjoy this read, and I wish you all continued success in your lives.

"Journey Revealed - A story of Past Regression"
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