Journeys Revealed by Damian Bertrand

Clinical hypnotherapist Damian Bertrand, C.Ht, never expected to help others by transporting them decades, or even hundreds of years, into the past to discover the true meaning behind broken relationships, strange phobias, and unexplained behavior.

Confident that reincarnation was nothing but an unsolved puzzle of the subconscious mind, Bertrand performed hypnotic regressions on willing clients, shocked to find that their stories were rich in details that corroborated with research into very real past lives: Existences that span from heartbreaking tales of lost love, to the victories of tribal leaders protecting their ancient villages.

Past life regression quickly became the basis for Bertrand's private practice in Los Angeles, CA, and then the subject of his television show REINCARNATION: PAST LIVES.

In Past Lives: Journeys Revealed, Damian Bertrand invites you to discover eight of these powerful regressions, the lessons learned from each, and how every client's life changed with the knowledge of their soul's journey - revealed.

A note from Damian Bertrand

For the skeptics, I say thank you. You help us push harder to make this science better. I also ask you to keep an open mind. Believe me, there were many things I was skeptical about when I started too. But look at where it’s at today; People are having surgeries or are giving birth with no chemical anesthesia while hypnotized. Can you imagine that? They feel absolutely no pain throughout the process. Others are quitting smoking or going to the dentist with ease. Some lose weight, gain self esteem, or overcome the fear of flying so that they may get on a plane and see loved ones across the country.

By using words in a specific way, at a specific rhythm, and the focus of transferring my energy to a client, I have helped countless people achieve specific outcomes. Dive into this book, enjoy this read, and I wish you all continued success in your lives.

"Past Lives - Journeys Revealed - A story of Past Regression"